How to Pick the Right Boxing Gloves For You

Did you know that boxing is one of the most efficient types of workout to burn fat, boost your endurance and tone your muscles? Just look at those women fighters. They have not only a beautiful body, but they are tough as a stone.

So, if you want to start a sport that boost your fitness level, just start boxing. You do not have to go to the boxing gym. You just need a punching bag and a pair of gloves. (And maybe some help from your spouse to hang that bag.)

Here I would like to focus on how to buy the suitable gloves for you. I have already shared some useful tips in the best pink boxing gloves post, but here we go into details with the help of a great infographic below.

 gloves buyer guide women



Let’s Recap the Most Important Factors When Buying Boxing Gloves

  • Pick a high-quality model that absorbs the energy when you punch the bag. Hence, it should be pre-curved, comes with quality molded foam inside. Don’t buy gloves that are too heavy for you.
  • Though their are vinyl products, they are far not as good as leather ones. Leather gloves are more durable.
  • Pick the right type of gloves. If you want to punch the bag at home, get bag gloves. If you want to work out with an opponent, get a pair of sparring gloves.
  • Lace up or hook loop? Pick the one suitable you the best. However, it should be fit to your wrist.
  • Pick the right weight. In most of the cases for women, a 12-14oz training gloves (or even lighter) will do.

So, always pick quality and comfortable gloves because they will protect your fingers, wrists, and knuckles. Also, they provide better user experience and are more durable. You can choose from quality girlish boxing gloves here.


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